About us


Emuvwie R'Urhobo


The ASSOCIATION is a pan-Urhobo socio-cultural organization, and shall be non-profit, non-religious non-sectarian and non-political. It is a social cultural, educational, reformational and transformational Association of the Urhobo People of Nigeria and in the world, and shall be gender-friendly. It shall engage in business ventures solely for purposes of actualizing the objects of the Association.

Whilst the ASSOCIATION is non-partisan, it shall however, serve as a pressure group for purposes of the aims and objectives as well work to influence politics and public policy for the general good of the people.

To be a purposeful and pro-active organization that stands out as a prime reference and source in articulating and projecting the Urhobo voice and position in every phase and facet of project Nigeria’s evolution. To create a league of true leaders who have been groomed and relentlessly willing to seek ways of transforming their society with particular reference to Urhoboland or ethnic nationality, and Nigeria in general, through understanding, cooperation and scholarship. To work towards elimination of discrimination and marginalization and seek ways to transform, support and defend the Urhobo culture, language and tradition, and strive to promote bond and tradition of the people. To support and empower unemployed Urhobo youths and challenge them to focus on breakthrough, innovative thinking and technology.

To promote and provide a rallying platform to facilitate the sustainable development of profound Pan-Urhobo cohesion through the process of cross-fertilization of ideas, unity, language and transformation of Urhoboland; empower and challenge both patriotic and entrepreneurial spirit of our youths, and create means for the actualization and guarantee of social, political and economic development of Urhoboland and her people.